Contributed Papers

SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes for three paired papers (20 minutes per paper including Q+A)
AUDIENCE SIZE: 200-400 people
REQUIREMENTS: 2,500-5,000 word completed paper due 2/18/2015. Provide electronic handouts.

The Contributed Papers committee invites research and position papers that challenge current assumptions and provoke conference participants to think creatively about issues facing academic and research librarians. Papers may report the results of completed research, describe research in progress, or present a position on a compelling problem or issue relevant to one or more of the conference tags. Research papers should highlight the problem, results, and conclusions while very briefly touching on method.  In an effort to maximize interactivity and to provide more opportunities for participation, papers will be grouped in threes, and each paper must be delivered in a maximum of 12 minutes, with an additional 7 minutes for questions (20 minutes total) within a 60–minute time slot for all three papers.  Completed papers should be about 2,500 words and should be scholarly, well organized, clearly written, and rigorously argued.  Completed papers must be provided no later than February 18, 2015. The paper should be prepared according to The Chicago Manual of Style and should include a bibliography of cited references (in addition to the 2,500-5,000 words).  Proposals should be for original work that has not been previously published.  Please note that at the conference, presenters are expected to discuss their ideas rather than read their papers.  All accepted papers will be published in the online conference proceedings.