Speculation to Litigation – Copyright and Climate Change in Libraries

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Changes in digital technologies have produced monumental advancements in libraries. Those changes have generated close scrutiny of copyright in libraries and pitched efforts in the courts to upend many presumably unassailable library roles. The conversation about copyright has evolved from speculation to litigation. This preconference will trace that conversation, analyze copyright and contemporary litigation on broad fronts, and engage participants in resolving the fundamental challenges of our times through imaginative, innovative, and inspired decision making.

Participants will engage with presenters on several levels of active learning. Presenters will take contemporary lawsuits and lead participants in analyzing their origins, the events leading to and the process of making the suit, and the consequences and implications of each phase and the outcome. Participants will judge decision making of the litigants and the courts, but in particular will assess those facts and circumstances supporting the suit in order to link day-to-day decision making in copyright to the broader implications of applying law and understanding litigation. That exploration will emphasize alternatives and strategies. Participants will break apart contemporary problems in copyright within academic libraries and their supporting institutions by developing reasonable policy and practical responses to known, but more importantly often unknown, challenges of using copyrighted works in a digital world. Understanding risk and developing a sense for tolerance of it also will factor into the decision making exercises.

This session is for academic librarians at all levels of their career, ranging from librarians with lesser exposure to those with some to an advanced degree of copyright knowledge. However, much of the emphasis will center on those librarians with some to advanced copyright experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand basic copyright principles and more sophisticated applications, including how to distinguish and address ownership and use issues.  Discover strategies  of how to share learning opportunities with colleagues and others in order to better understand these principles and apply them in their work environments.
  • Identify copyright issues in the library and related environments.  Recognize how different interpretations of the law may raise different expectations of how copyright should apply to the range of diverse stakeholders in the academic community and beyond.
  • Apply learned principles to practical issues confronting librarians and others in their related learning communities. Understand  decision making processes  of analyzing fair use as it applies to electronic reserves and other scholarship, how library exemptions permit a range of preservation, replacement, and copying activities, and how distance education; and web-based learning activities can fit within other exceptions.


Dwayne Buttler, J.D., Professor and Evelyn J. Schneider Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication, University of Louisville; Kenneth Crews, Director, Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University; Carl Johnson, Director, Copyright Licensing Office, Brigham Young University; Donna L. Ferullo, J.D., Director, University Copyright Office and Associate Professor, Purdue University


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