Virtual Conference Webcasts

SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes
AUDIENCE SIZE: 100-200 people
REQUIREMENTS: Attend presenter orientation; provide electronic handouts

The Virtual Conference’s synchronous webcasts allow presenters and attendees to interact online via audio, video, and screen share. This is a great option if you want to present at ACRL 2015 but do not have the time or budget to travel. You may present from the conference location in Portland or remotely from another location with a high-speed Internet connection and microphone. Webcasts are 60 minutes long (including Q&A). If you would like to submit a proposal, please choose a relevant, timely topic that lends itself to presentation in an online environment. Proposals should be clear about learning outcomes and should also explain how you will engage attendees and encourage interaction among them. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive training on how to give an effective virtual presentation using our software system.