AUDIENCE SIZE: 60 people
REQUIREMENTS: Provide electronic handouts

Workshops offer three contact hours that provide active and in-depth learning. Participants will engage an issue, learn a new skill, or develop an action plan or other activity where hands-on learning is integral. Proposals should allow for significant involvement and contribution to the learning process from the participants.  Proposals will be selected for the conference based on the timeliness of the topic, the stated learning outcomes, drafts of interactive exercise(s), and the degree of active learning.  In order to ensure that the sessions really are “hands-on” and provide participants with a tangible skill or action plan by the end of the session, workshop program descriptions must include an example of an activity planned during the program. The learning experience should excite and encourage the participants to take risks, question assumptions, and fully engage in the learning process. Participants should leave the session with information to share with their home institutions. Sessions will be limited to 60 participants in order to provide a meaningful environment for active learning.