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Michele Norris, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Alison Bechdel


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Yes, Cleveland

Never flashy. Never trendy. Never perfect. Never meant to be. And for that, you’re welcome. The city where rock was born never followed their rules.
They made their own.

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ACRL 2019 features more than 500 conference programs selected and presented by leaders in the profession. Connect with colleagues from all over the country and globe and get access to content all year long.

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The ACRL Virtual Conference enhances the conference experience for attendees onsite and also provides an important professional development opportunity to those unable to travel to ACRL 2019.

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Recasting the Narrative

Today’s academic and research libraries are vibrant and fast moving, responding quickly to changes in the higher education landscape.

Just as our host city of Cleveland has undergone a revitalization in recent years, library professionals must continually reinvent themselves to stay on the cutting edge. Join your colleagues in Recasting the Narrative of what it means to be an academic library professional in the 21st century, adapting and leading the transition to new roles.

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The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) is the higher education association for librarians.

Representing more than 11,000 academic and research librarians and interested individuals, ACRL (a division of the American Library Association) develops programs, products and services to help academic and research librarians learn, innovate and lead within the academic community. Founded in 1940, ACRL is committed to advancing learning and transforming scholarship.

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