Five steps to prepare your ACRL 2021 presentation.

1. Record your presentation by Friday, March 26 (11:59 p.m. Pacific)

Set a date and time with your co-presenters (if applicable) to record your session. You may also want to schedule one or more rehearsal sessions. Make one person responsible for timekeeping and one person responsible for the recording.

2. Determine how to record your session and enable captions

Recording: We recommend recording in Zoom, but you can also use Google Hangouts, WebEx, Adobe Connect, or any other video recording software that allows for an MP4 file recording. Your recording shouldn’t be larger than 1.5gb (this would be a rare occurrence and we can compress it for you if that happens so don’t sweat it).

Captions: Zoom recordings do not always display captions as part of the recording. For this reason, we encourage the use of Google Slides for captioning. Learn more about Google Slides’ captioning functionality and tips for presenters. The presenter/person sharing their screen and slides needs to use their computer mic, not a headset. This will allow for co-presenter audio to be picked up for captioning if your session has multiple speakers.

We encourage universal design as much as possible. Please also rest assured that ACRL is providing live transcription for anyone who requests it.

Review the Tips for Accessible Presentations and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources before preparing your presentation.

3. Review the requirements for your presentation type

Review the Semi-Live and On-Demand schedules to confirm your presentation type. Find the date and time of your session if your program is semi-live or live.

Carefully review the requirements for your session format and presentation type. Make sure your recording meets the time and requirements of your session type.

4. Save and submit your recording, PDF poster (if applicable), or handouts (optional) to ACRL

Use the following naming convention when saving your recording.
Semi-live Sessions: SessionTitle_Dateofsession
(Example: ACRLOpeningKeynote_April13)

On Demand Sessions: SessionTitle_OD
(Example: ACRLOpeningKeynote_OD)

Use the following naming convention when saving your PDF poster or handouts (optional).
(Poster sessions require a recording and single page PDF of poster)

(Example: ACRLOpeningKeynote_April13_Handout1, ACRLOpeningKeynote_April13_ Handout2 , ACRLOpeningKeynote_April13_ Handout3)

File type must be PDF for handouts, no bigger than 10MB, no more than 3 per session.

Your file can take a long time to upload depending on its size and your internet connection (an hour or more is not unusual) especially during the workday (evening and off hours will be faster).

Make sure your recording finishes uploading completely. You will know the file is completely uploaded when the word “Uploaded” appears to the right of your file name.

Recordings and Handouts

5. Understand your session type, submit registration, attend training, log into the platform

On-Demand Presenters– You are basically done!
Register for ACRL 2021 by March 26. On March 30 you will be able to login to the platform early to complete your speaker profile and upload your bio and pic. Attendee access starts on April 6. During the 30 days of access people can view your session at their leisure and leave comments and questions in the chat area of your session, so please visit the On-Demand library occasionally and check the chat area and respond as necessary.

Semi-Live or Live Presenters – You are almost done! Now comes the live part.
Register for ACRL 2021 by March 26 in order to access the platform early for speaker trainings. There will be a 30-minute training for individuals presenting semi-live or live on Monday, March 29. This training will also be recorded in case you are unable to attend live. The training will show you how to indicate you are present in your session and “go live” at the appropriate time (this does not apply to Lightning Talks as there is no live video component in that session type). On March 30 you will be able to login to the platform early to complete your speaker profile, upload your bio and pic, and get chat-based technical support if you have any questions. Attendee access starts on April 6.

Important Dates

ASAP – Complete your ACRL 2021 speaker agreement if you haven’t already.
March 26 – Submit your ACRL 2021 registration. All speakers must  be registered for the conference.
March 26 – Upload your recording and handouts per Step #4 above.
March 29 – Attend the speaker training if you are presenting a Semi-Live or Live session.
March 30 – Login to the ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference site to complete your speaker profile (upload photo, add bio and contact information)
April 6 – Attendees receive access to ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference site and can start viewing on-demand recordings.
April 12 – Contributed Papers only: Optional papers are due. Submission instructions are online.
April 13-16 – ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference Dates.
May 13 – Last day of ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference access.