Group Fundraising

Join forces and give a scholarship from your membership group.


Support Your Peers!

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ACRL seeks campaign contributions from our sections, interest groups, committees, and chapters! In addition to recognizing your individual contribution, ACRL will recognize your membership group’s fundraising efforts on our Scholarship Campaign page.

ACRL member leaders are encouraged to discuss scholarship fundraising goals with your membership units and set a target amount. If your membership is small, consider teaming up with other groups for a joint effort or inviting past leaders of your membership group to contribute to your efforts.

Groups have until December 31, 2020 to achieve their fundraising target, and scholarship recipients will be chosen in January 2021. Progress toward group goals will be reported weekly.

Named Scholarships

Interested in a scholarship named for your section, interest group, committee, or chapter? Through a coordinated fundraising effort, your membership group can fund one (or more!) of your members to attend the conference. Membership groups that achieve a specific target can contribute a scholarship named for their group. Here’s the rundown:

Amount to fund a named scholarship: $745

Named scholarship recipients must be and ACRL member, and a member of your membership group.

Section and interest group scholarships are awarded to members of the respective groups. Division-level committee scholarships are awarded to a deserving scholarship applicant. Chapter scholarships are awarded to an ACRL member in the chapter region or state.

Deadline to raise funds: December 31, 2020

What happens if we fall short?
If you don’t reach the amount for a named scholarship, your group will still be recognized for how much it gave to the campaign on our website. Individual donors who contribute to group fundraising efforts are recognized.

“Receiving an early-career scholarship to attend ACRL 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio, was a highlight of my 2018-2019 academic year. The scholarship I received provided me with access to not only the conference and networking, but also to online resources available throughout the following year. Thank you to everyone who donates to the scholarship fund; I will be glad to support other librarians in their journey in the future!”

Catherine Baldwin, ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient

Instruction Services Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, Bradford Campus

Ready to contribute?

You may also send a check and printed donation form to:

The Friends of ACRL
Association of College & Research Libraries
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2795

To support your membership group’s fundraising efforts, make sure to include your group’s name in the “Tribute” section of the donation form.

Note: The Goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise additional funds from personal donations. Sections may contribute Basic Services Funds to the campaign, but we encourage sections to raise matching funds from their members.


For questions about the ACRL Conference Scholarship Campaign, please contact Mary Jane Petrowski, ACRL Associate Director, at or 312-280-2523.