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These optional engagements can be added to any level of exhibit or sponsorship.

Easy booth upgrades and powerful ad packages for every budget.

Homepage sponsor ad
Opportunity Cost Available
Home Page Sponsor Banner
Highest profile ad placement. This rotating sponsor banner on the virtual conference homepage hyperlinks to your exhibit booth.
$15,000 4
Gamification Sponsor
Ten activities in the virtual event reward attendees for participating. Your logo appears on the Gamification tab and Leaderboard.
$10,000 1
Social Wall
Attendees use the Social Wall to discuss meeting contents, share stories, pictures, or just say hello. Be where the buzz is. Photos and content are sortable by hashtag.
$7,000 1
Celebration Suite SPONSORED
This dedicated tab allows attendees to provide recognized ACRL award winners encouragement, send sentiments, and accolades such as “high five”, “hug”, “like,” or “standing ovation.” 
$5,000 1
Chat Rooms Sponsor SPONSORED
Chat room topics are pre-determined and allow attendees space to chat about what matters most to them throughout the duration of the event (text only). Topics will be determined by ACRL and may include program topics, member type, exhibitor and sponsor offers, or general interest.
$4,000 1
Live Booth Demo (15 minutes)*
Host a live product or service demo with participant Q&A in exhibit booth. Maximum of 2 presenters and 40 participants, all on camera. Metrics include participant list, survey and polling data, and record of chat and Q&A. Add this on to any demos that may already be included at your level. Your booth demo will be listed in the agenda at the break time with other booth demos.
$4,000 10 6 left
Coffee Gift Card Giveaway* SPONSORED
A pre-scheduled Push Notification in the platform makes attendees aware that at the break, the first 50-100 visitors to your booth will receive a $5 coffee card. Use your booth metrics to collect the data and disperse the coffee cards (company’s responsibility to purchase and deliver coffee cards via email).
$2,500 2 
Retargeting Ad Packages*
Drive our audience to your website with powerful ads across the web. We offer several campaigns to match your budget. See page 10 for details.
$2,500 – $6000 unlimited

 *Easy booth upgrade

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