With the generous support of our members, ACRL is able to award scholarships to bring the future leaders of the profession to the ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference.

Scholarships open the door to new possibilities.

ACRL 2021 Scholarships provide opportunities for the academic and research library community to expand their professional horizons, update their skills and knowledge, and learn more about current issues and developments in academic and research libraries by participating in the premiere ACRL professional development experience.

Congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Kim Auger
Giao Baker
Anthi Baliou
Pilar Baskett
Anthony Bassignani
Lyndon Batiste
Quanetta Batts
Samuel Bello
David Bernardo
Bridget Bihm-Manuel
Kathy Birch Mcdiarmed
Robin Blankenship
Annette Bochenek
Lauren Bourdages
Danielle Brogdon
Adriana Cásarez
Kahlila Chaar-Pérez
Wanett Clyde
Maya Conde-Kalmijn
Tori Culler
Evangelina Cunningham
Tanya Darden
Celia Dehais

Maia Desjardins
Alicia Diaz Wrest
Leah Diciesare
Hanwen Dong
Alison Downey
Alissa Droog
John Carlo Encarnacion
Tracey Felder
Analiza Frane
Alexandria Fripp
Jefferson Garcia
Jessica Gavin
Alexandrea Glenn
Neil Grimes
Mark Hamilton
Laura Hogan
Maison Horton
Kel Hughes Jones
Aubrey Iglesias
Darren Ilett
Neah Ingram-Monteiro
Holly Jackson
Boutsaba Janetvilay

Amber Janssen
Ricardo Johnson
Francisco Juarez
Samantha Kennefick
Allison Kittinger
Amanda Koziura
Saptarshi Lahiri
Allison Langham-Putrow
Stephanie Larson
Harvey Long
Christopher Lopez
Kelleen Maluski
Nubia Mateus
Meagan May
Zoeanna Mayhook
Shawn Michael
Christina Miskey
Valerie Moore
Ashley Morrison
Michelle Mussuto
Marianne Myers
Heather Owen
Jennifer Pate

Arielle Petrovich
Ashlynn Prasad
Katrina Quattlander
Adriance Rhoades
Leslie Ross
Maria Ruiz
Laura Ruiz
Leah Sherman
Jasmine Simmons
Erin Smith
Cassie Tanks
Dwain Teague
Bonnie Thornton
Allison Thorsen
Amy Tureen
Anna Twiddy
Alyssa Valenti
Nancy Wallace
Shu Wan
Janice Weddle
Amber Wessies
Danica White
Simone Williams

Support the future of academic librarianship!

ACRL’s Conference Scholarship program is made possible by the generous support of our members. We invite you to invest in the future leaders of the profession as they seek to gain the experience, knowledge, and connections needed to advance learning and transform scholarship in the 21st century.

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“ACRL is always at the top of my conference wish-list. Each time I’m able to attend, I’m astonished anew by the quality and relevance of the program, the overall fun of the theme and events, and the amazing colleagues I meet. Being able to attend ACRL 2019 as an Early-Career Scholarship recipient, just as I’m beginning to think about the next phase of my career, was priceless. I was able to fully immerse myself in the daunting (but rewarding!) experience of presenting my first contributed paper and to give my attention to a range of thought-provoking aspects of professional practice — all to a rockin’ soundtrack (thanks, Cleveland!).”

Jennifer Whelan, ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient

Coordinator of Research, Teaching & Learning, College of the Holy Cross