Speaker Details

We are looking forward to your session at ACRL 2017! The content has generated a great deal of interest in the conference and for that, we thank you!


  • See the audiovisual equipment (AV) set in the room below, if you need any additional equipment; e-mail acrl@ala.org your request by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (if it is past that date, bribes of chocolate or candy may just work).
  • Computers are provided for Panel, Contributed Paper, Lightning Talk, Invited Presentation, Chair’s Choice and TechConnect session types only (please plan to bring your presentation on a stick and use the computer in the room). Preconferences & Workshops, please plan to bring your own computer (BYOC). If you are bringing a Mac – bring your Mac-to-VGA adapter too!
  • Free Wifi is available in all meeting rooms, instructions to access will be on the dais and in the program book. Please note that wifi reliability is subject to environmental factors – be sure to have an off-line presentation ready in case of internet disruption.
  • Post your handouts (if applicable) in the Speaker Service Center by March 20. For paper handouts, see info about FedEx below.

The date, time, and room for your session can be found in the online conference schedule below.
With very few exceptions, sessions will take place in the Baltimore Convention Center.

All rooms have a stage up front with a head table for 4 people with a podium to one side. The head table and podium are slightly angled to face the screen. The arrangement of seats is as follows:

  • Preconferences – set in rounds of 6 for appropriate # of people
  • Workshops – set in rounds for 6 for 72 people
  • Panel, Contributed Paper, TechConnect – set theater style for maximum # of seats with occasional classroom seating up front and standing tables in the back.

All rooms are set with:

  • 1 LCD/data projector and screen appropriate for room size with VGA connection cable
  • 1 podium and podium microphone
  • 2 table microphones on the head table (four people at the head table share 2 table microphones)
  • Floor microphone(s) where appropriate for audience questions
  • 1 Computer for Panel, Contributed Paper, Lightning Talk, Invited Presentation, Chair’s Choice and TechConnect session types only with standard and wireless presenter mice
  • Preconferences & Workshops, you will need to bring your own computer. The cable to hook your computer up to the LCD projector will be provided – unless you have a Mac, then you need to bring your Mac-to-VGA adapter as well. We will also provide you with a wireless presenter mouse to use if you would like.

All rooms will be set up to amplify sound from computers. Please remember to speak into the microphone as your session will be recorded and screen captured for the virtual conference, and to make yourself heard for those with hearing challenges.

Panel, Contributed Paper, TechConnect – because of the stage and set up of these rooms, they don’t lend themselves to roving speaker presentations. If you request a lapel mic, or handheld mic, it may not be approved for that reason.

If you need to request additional AV (flip charts, lavaliere microphones, hand held microphones, laser pointers, etc.) please e-mail acrl@ala.org with your request by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24.

Preconferences and Workshops: Plan to bring your own laptop for these presentations, no computers will be provided. The cable to hook your computer up to the LCD projector will be provided – unless you have a Mac, then you need to bring your Mac-to-VGA adapter too.

Panel, Contributed Paper, TechConnect: A computer will be in the room for you, you can bring your presentation on removable media (CD, DVD or USB memory). We strongly encourage you to bring your presentation on removable media and use the laptops in the room. Many sessions will have multiple presenters and swapping computers between presentations will take time away from your presentation. Please see the information below regarding the computer in the room:

The laptop software configuration will be:

  • Windows 7 Professional,
  • MS Office 2016 Pro (Powerpoint, Word, Excel)
  • Current version of Adobe Reader
  • Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer (current versions, internet connection will be Wifi)
  • Flash and Shockwave plug-ins, Java

The laptop hardware configuration will be:

  • i3 (min) processor with 4gb ram (minimum),
  • CD/DVD drive
  • USB ports
  • External (wired) mouse
  • Wireless presenter mouse (“clicker”)
  • VGA resolution 1024×768 (for projection compatibility)

Free wireless Internet is available in the meeting rooms in the Baltimore Convention Center. The instructions for access will be on the dais and also appear in the program book onsite.

If you opted to have a hashtag for your session, it will be printed in the program book as you submitted it. Make sure to remind attendees what your hashtag is before you start the session.

Panel, Contributed Paper and TechConnect sessions will be screen captured and recorded for the ACRL Virtual Conference. Dynamic screen capture is a recording of everything that appears on the screen during your presentation synched with a recording of the audio of your presentation. These recordings will be provided as part of the ACRL 2017 Virtual Conference available for one year after conference dates (complimentary to all registrants in Baltimore). You won’t have to do anything or provide your PPT’s in order for this to happen. The session will be captured live in the meeting room as you are presenting it. Please remember to speak into the microphone for this reason.

As you may have noticed, your handouts will appear on the online conference schedule as soon as you post them in the Speaker Service Center. We encourage all presenters to make their handouts available before the conference (preferably by March 20) so that attendees will be able to access them before the conference. You can upload one version now and replace it with a later version at any time if necessary. You can also upload multiple items, all of which will be available in the Virtual Conference shortly after everyone returns home from Baltimore.

We hope you will encourage attendees to access your handouts in the online schedule and/or virtual conference, however, if you’d like to print copies, we suggest you start with 100 (unless you are preconference or workshop). If you run out, you can always point people to the online schedule and/or virtual conference to access and print the handouts. You can print them at home and bring them with you, or there is a FedEx about 4 blocks (.3 mi) from the Convention Center that would be happy to assist you. Contact information is below. You can also fill out the reimbursement request to get reimbursed for your handouts after the conference. Please note, you must have the original receipt, and handouts are the only reimbursable expense for most presenters.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
11 S Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201 0.17 mi
(410) 625-5862
Email: usa1812@fedex.com

Website: http://local.fedex.com/md/baltimore/office-1812/

The FedEx Office provides business center services including high-speed, high-volume copies and posters, as well as FedEx shipping services. The FedEx Office is located about 4 blocks (.3 mi) from the convention center and is open 7am – 11pm Mon – Fri, 8 – 9 Sat. and 9 – 9 on Sun.

A few quick reminders when preparing for your presentation:

  1. Be very careful when embedding videos in PowerPoint. PowerPoint uses its own media player, so don’t assume that a video that plays using Media Player will work in a PowerPoint slide. If you have any uncertainty about whether or not your embedded video will play please let us know right away and we’ll have you send an advance copy to the computer support team.
  2. To save your file to a USB memory device please:

Method 1:

  • Use the program’s “Save As” command to select the removable device for saving.
  • Please include something unique in the filename – add your name, for example. This will save time and confusion after you copy it to the meeting room computer. (If everyone uses “ACRL presentation” then somebody’s presentation will get overwritten or opened at the wrong time by mistake.)
  • After you have saved your file to the USB memory device please EXIT PowerPoint completely and then use the USB safe removal application to correctly prepare the USB memory stick for removal. Many MS Office applications open temporary files while you work – by following these procedures you can be assured that the presentation file(s) have all been closed correctly and there is minimal risk of arriving in Indianapolis with a corrupted presentation file or unreadable USB device.
  • Take your saved presentation to another computer and view it there to be sure everything has transferred correctly. Again, close the application and safely remove the USB memory device when you are finished.

Method 2:

  • Simply copy the presentation file from your computer to the USB drive and then eject the drive using the USB safe removal tool.
  • Test the presentation by copying it onto a different computer and opening it there to be sure that all necessary components were embedded properly.
  1. Keep it simple and make no assumptions. If the font looks small and hard to read on your computer screen it will still look small, even on a 12′ screen, from where the audience will be seated.
  2. If you normally use the dual-screen mode to view notes on the local screen during your presentation you might consider bringing your notes along in hard-copy. Most presenters still aren’t using that feature and switching back-and-forth (from dual-screen to mirrored-screen) during a session with multiple presenters could be quite a disruption. By default the laptops are configured to mirror their displays with the projected images.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns about preparing your presentation, saving files, using the laptops or anything else related to your presentation please let us know right away so that we can direct you to the most appropriate support personnel to help assure that your session is a success!

Again, thank you for your contribution to the program. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

ACRL 2017 Team