In keeping with the values of the profession and ongoing commitment to sustaibable efforts, ACRL has taken the following steps for this conference.

  • (New!) ACRL is offering an optional carbon offset program and will match at 100 percent every donation made on the conference registration form to our official carbon offset provider.
  • (New!) Ready to go paperless? Please indicate when you register if you prefer not to receive a program book. ACRL uses recycled paper and soy-based ink for the program book and promotional materials.
  • ACRL reduced signage by using digital signs available outside each meeting room and recycling all of the foam core signage, entrance units, and registration counters produced for the event. ACRL uses recycled carpet in the exhibit hall and reusable pipe and drape.
  • ACRL chose Seattle to host this conference in part because it is one of the most environmentally progressive cities in the United States.

The Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) is Leed Silver certified and has been an industry leader in conservation and recycling for more than two decades and is dedicated to environmental building practices and sustainable operations. The facility reduces their carbon footprint with sustainable culinary practices, energy-efficient lighting, environment-friendly cleaning products, and a first-rate recycling and composting program. They continue to invest significant resources in new and innovative projects that make the facility increasingly more efficient.

  • Recycling has been standard procedure at WSCC since it first opened in 1988. Since 2008, WSCC has contracted with a local composting firm to haul away all food scraps, food-soiled paper and landscape trimmings. This program not only keeps tons of waste out of landfill, but the composting cycle is uniquely completed by the purchase of clean compost from the same firm for use in WSCC’s three acres of indoor and outdoor gardens.
  • Recycling composting and trash stations are in place in every meeting room and throughout public areas for all guests to use with the WSCC achieving an impressive 70.28 percent diversion rate.
  • WSCC uses biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemicals to clean all surfaces. All are Green Seal certified products and are used for over 80 percent of the buildings maintenance needs. Paper towels, facial tissues and toilet paper rolls all come from recycled sources.
  • WSCC reduced water usage with conversion for all plumbing fixtures to low flow models, an 80 percent savings in water usage over standard models.
  • All coffee and tea products come from Fair Trade Certified, organic, shade-grown sources.
  • The beef is from Oregon grain-fed cattle and poultry is raised on free-range Washington farms. Only sustainable harvested seafood not appearing on the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Watch list is served.
  • All of the disposable food service items (hot and cold cups, plates, cutlery and coffee stir sticks as well as all box lunch packaging) provided for guests are compostable.